Hackathon CO2 Industry



▶️ Decarbonization of heat production​:

 Heat production & storage as competitive as natural gas
2  Electrification solutions instead of natural gas: competitiveness & performance

▶️ Hardware, software & soft skills to:​
 Raise awareness of operators regarding energy and CO2 emissions (e.g. T°C set points, log doors, air leakage, conveyor stoppage, etc)
4  Improve energy efficiency using real-time tracking/monitoring, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence

▶️ Compressed air:​

5  Eliminate the need of compressed air in the process (painting robots, grippers, folding systems, etc.)


▶️ Decarbonized Painting Product / Process*:  

6  Paint application and air conditioning: compactness, air recycling, optimisation of humidity/air velocity, etc.  

 Ovens: decarbonized heat source, optimisation of the passage time, supply air temperature, quantity of fresh air, etc. 

8  Pre treatment baths & electrodeposition : optimisation of the T°C of each stages, compactness, mass flow of materials, etc

*including synergies with Buildings, Heating and Ventilation systems and utilities


▶️ Decarbonized Powertrain process:

9  Propose solutions to decarbonize aluminium smelting and Heat treatment

10  Eliminate or reduce the needs to the maximum of compressed air and machining oil in the process 

11 Propose solutions to decarbonize and optimise the production of heat and cold on a machining line : washing process (~65°C) and maintain the machining oil below a setpoint (~21°C) 

Buildings, Heating and Ventilation systems

▶️ Optimization of Ventilation systems:

12 → Propose an optimum ventilation concept to obtain good health conditions: worked on depolluted volume ratio vs. occupied
  • Bodyshop (dust)
  • Machining (oil mist)/foundries
  • Logistics
▶️ Optimization of Heating systems:

13  Propose more eco-efficient and climate-friendly industrial heating systems (non-gas radiant heaters, other technologies, etc.) 

▶️ Optimization of Buildings energy performance: 

14  Propose a more competitive building insulation: under-roof (below 10€/m² installed) and canopy on roof (between 30-50€/m² installed)
15  Propose a more competitive and innovative solutions for Building renovation

Applicants can propose other topics they wish to work on